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School of Clinical Care Sciences


ABSTRACT: Lack of standardization of clinical teaching practices is a challenge that is experienced by the Multi-Campus Public College of Nursing in the Eastern Cape Province. The challenge is attributed to the fact that nurse educators continued with different clinical teaching practices which were utilized prior to amalgamation whilst one curriculum is used for the four year diploma programme throughout the campuses of the college since 2005. This state of affairs has led to variations in the teaching and learning practices within the campuses of the college. Hence the need to conduct the research study.

A quantitative, exploratory, descriptive and contextual approach will be used. The proposed research study will be conducted in three phases. In phase one a baseline survey will be conducted to determine the clinical teaching practices of nurse educators at the College. In phase two, literature will be searched for previous practices regarding clinical teaching practices and best practice guidelines. These will be appraised, extracted and synthesized.  In phase three a best practice guideline for clinical teaching of nursing students will be developed.