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School of Clinical Care Sciences


  • Prof Thomas Fleige and Tobias Immenroth (University of Ostfalia);
  • Dr Lena Andersson (University of Gothenburg);
  • Associate Provost Lee Sternberger and the Dean of the College of Health and Behavioural Sciences (Sharon Lovell) (James Madison University);
  • Dr Jackie Haverkamp (Otterbein University);
    Anastasia Mellis (CCBRT: Tanzania)


  • Dr Lena Andersson (University of Gothenburg);
  • Prof. Denise Meijer (Bemidji State University);
  • Prof. Pamela Hanes (Fullbright Fellowship);
  • Dr Reid Reynolds (Research Associate)

Dr Lena Andersson of the University of Gothenburg visited a number of times for further discussions and planning around the B2MCare research project.

Prof. Denise Meijer is a nurse educator and researcher at Bemidji State University (USA) who discussed and arranged a student and staff exchange programme for 2015. The purpose of this new collaboration would be to enhance internationalisation and staff and student development with regard to various cultures experiences and clinical skills.

Prof Pamela Hanes will be serving as a Fulbright Fellow at NMMU for the 2014/2015 academic year. Prof Hanes’ proposal “Educating practice-ready primary care teams: Infusing inter-professional curriculum into health professions training programs in South Africa” includes three primary activities:

1) supporting a dean-appointed curriculum development task force representing the four schools comprising the Faculty of Health Sciences at NMMU, the charge of which will be to enhance the health sciences curriculum across departments and training programs comprising the Faculty of Health Sciences by incorporating course content and clinical experiences that focus on inter-professional primary health care teams that are “practice ready” to serve in medically underserved rural communities in the Eastern Cape;

2) conducting a graduate seminar for students in the four schools comprising the Faculty of Health Sciences on the theoretical framework and research opportunities related to inter-professional team-based practice in rural primary health care settings; and

3) serving as a thesis advisor for graduate students pursuing relevant research topics across the four schools.

Dr Reid Reynolds is a sociologist with a specialization in health policy and program evaluation. In his most recent position Reid has been a member of a team of evaluators employing both quantitative and qualitative methods to study the transformation of primary care for a large public health care system. This is Dr Reynolds second trip to the Eastern Cape. In 2011 he joined Prof Hanes, his wife, in working on faculty development and program evaluation for the new Clinical Associates program at Walter Sisulu University in Mthatha. He will, yet again, be assisting Prof Hanes and concentrating on NMMU post-graduate research students.



  • Dr Lena Andersson (University of Gothenburg);
  • Ms Ewa Kittel-Prejs (Director, Elsevier Publishing);
  • Prof. Karin Luker (University of Manchester);
  • Dr Seth Berkley (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation, GAVI);
  • Prof. Suzanne Robertson-Malt (Johanna Briggs Institute, Australia)

Ms Ewa Kittel-Prejs, who is based in London and  who is publishing director of Elsevier journals who presented a very interesting day-long workshop on writing for publication in Elsevier journals on 19 March

Dr Lena Andersson of the University of Gothenburg who visited a number of times for further discussions and planning around the B2MCare research project

Prof. Karin Luker, who made presentations on writing for publication and proposal writing in the department on 10 and 11 June

Dr Seth Berkley of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) who presented a talk on the work of GAVI, an epidemiological initiative

Prof. Suzanne Robertson-Malt of the Johanna Briggs Institute in Australia who gave a talk on research and the JBI, with a particular emphasis on intervention research.

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