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School of Clinical Care Sciences

Focal areas: The purpose of this grant is to assist in the capacity development of all Lilitha College of Nursing staff, both academic and administrative, as well as to strengthen the College’s educational system. 

Duration: 3 years (2014-2016)

Status: Ongoing

Key contact: Andrea Waters

Partners: Lilitha College of Nursing, Eastern Cape Department of Health and Atlantic Philanthropies

Project managers: Prof van Rooyen, Prof Ricks, Dr Jordan, D du Rand

Funders: Atlantic Philanthropies and Eastern Cape Department of Health

An Introduction to the Project

The South African Nursing Council (SANC) Circular (March 2009) stated that all future qualifications from the National Diploma: Nursing, to the postgraduate qualifications - must be offered at Higher Education Institutions. Therefore, all nursing colleges including Lilitha College of Nursing (Lilitha College) are currently striving towards obtaining higher education status from the Higher Education Qualifications Committee (HEQC) prior to offering the new curriculum programmes. The National Department of Health (NDoH) is providing support to nursing colleges through the provision of the Nursing College Grant for both infrastructure and clinical teaching resources. Capacity of the faculty and corporate support personnel, including academic and research development; lack of student support systems; curriculum development; Clinical Simulation Laboratory Management (CSLM) and integration of a Student Information Management (SIM) system, remain major challenges for Lilitha College in meeting higher education requirements. Table 1 provides a list of the key performance areas (KPA) along with their respective objectives.

Table 1: Key Performance Areas

Clinical Teaching and Learning

  1. To develop a model which can be used to design and set up a clinical simulation laboratory
  2. To train Lilitha College staff to manage and maintain a clinical simulation laboratory effectively

Student-Related Issues

  1. To assist in the development of an Admissions and Placement test for Lilitha College
  2. Identify selection criteria and streamline the admissions process
  3. To assist in the development of an academic student support programme for Lilitha College
  4. To assist in the development of a Graduate Attributes profile for Lilitha College
  5. Training of Lilitha College staff to effectively utilize their Student Management Information system

Curriculum Development

  1. To assist in the development of a curriculum for the new four-year nursing programme for Lilitha College
  2. Facilitate inter-institutional collaboration in the province between NMMU, Lilitha College, University of Fort Hare and Walter Sisulu University