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School of Clinical Care Sciences

RESEARCHER: Agyeman-Yeboah, J

ABSTRACT: The retention of patients on HIV program has been a global challenge. The success of any strategy to optimize adherence depends on the intensive and effective adherence counselling to anti-retroviral therapy. This study will explore and describe both the experiences of health care providers providing care, support and guidance to persons on ART and the experiences of persons living with HIV on ART in order to develop best practice guidelines that will contribute to optimizing adherence to the ART by persons receiving treatment at public hospitals in Ghana.

The research study will employ a qualitative, exploratory, descriptive and contextual design. The research population will include health care providers providing services at the HIV clinics. Semi-structured interviews will be conducted and the data will be analyzed using Creswell’s six steps of data analysis. Literature will be reviewed and a best practice guideline for optimizing adherence will be developed for public hospitals in Ghana.