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School of Clinical Care Sciences


ABSTRACT: Ghana, a low-income developing country in sub-Saharan Africa is experiencing low skilled birth care utilisation despite high rates of maternal mortality countrywide, and more commonly in the rural areas. Bongo district of the Upper East Region is one of the most affected districts in Ghana. Skilled birth care attendance during childbirth within the communities in this District has been low, which requires an empirical investigation to explore the barriers to the utilisation of skilled birth care during childbirth from the perspective of women.

The study seeks to explore and describe rural women’s experiences of utilising of skilled birth care. The purpose of the study is to develop a conceptual frame based on women’s experiences of utilising of skilled birth care as a preamble for the development of strategies to improve the utilisation of skilled birth delivery services.

The study will adopt a descriptive exploratory strategy using a qualitative design method. The study will be contextual using a phenomenological approach to explore the experiences of women on the utilization of skill birth delivery services. The study will be conducted in two phases. Phase one will involve data gathering to obtain women’s experiences in the utilisation and non-utilisation skilled birth care services and phase two will involve the development of the conceptual framework as well as strategies to facilitate the utilisation of skilled care during childbirth.

Semi -structured interviews using interview guide will be used to gather data from two groups of women: i.e. women who delivered in health facilities and women who delivered at home in the Bongo District of Ghana. Data would be analysed qualitatively using Colaizzi’s protocol for content analysis.